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Follow the links on the left for more about Carol. Below is a picture of her being blessed by Pope John Paul II. The Pope was dealing with his own health issues at the time and stopped giving public audiences just a few weeks after seeing Carol.

Carol and the Pope

Carol's last letter

Carol "wrote" the following letter shortly after her benefit concert. By that time she had lost nearly all of her communication skills. She dictated one character at a time to Annie who typed it. It is the ability to express oneself like this that we are trying to preserve by writing Carol's Song.

Dearest Kate:

I loved your message and I prefer people to be frank with me. I'm getting very sick and I know my days are numbered. But I have seen so much beauty in people. All my needs have been met and my circle of Carolers continues to grow. Friends actually complain they are not called to help more. My social calendar has not changed. This awful mess has brought out the best in people.

A man from the library who I barely know visited me at hospicare and told me I was missed by so many people. He said do I have any idea how much people love me. He said circulation is not the same without my cheerful smile. Then he hugged and kissed me.

People at Cornell have donated so much sick time that I continue to get full paychecks. HR said I had enough for a year! In February, when Paul was having a meltdown, I wrote the following on my board - he was so moved that he wrote it down. I'm glad he did as a reminder to me. I think the words were inspired by God.

It's easy to be faithful when life is sweet. It's so important we don't lose our faith. I don't understand any of this, but I don't want to be angry anymore. The love we have here which is so much, pales next to Gods love. If I have to go, I go surrounded by Love, to Love.

Saturday night's concert was incredible. (Love Notes) The church was full and I received a standing ovation. Fifty performers came to share their talent and they played the song I wrote called "Autumn Breezes". I wrote three vocal arrangements, and Mark Simon wrote the instrumental arrangements. So there would be lots of harmonies. Mark has a tape of my singing all three parts.

Annie is a good caretaker. I find her presence very comforting. Mom and Dad have been great too. The Carolers are now 101 strong.

I will be soon be using my communication device. And then I'll know the real meaning of patience, since I'll be having to select each letter to form a sentence. Already my witty banter is reduced to words like "water", "spit cup" and "need to pee". Drooling has become major problem.

I'm on my fifth drool med they say I'm to try it for 2 weeks. The drooling makes me sick and causes me to choke. Botox injections are the last resort. But then I deal with dry mouth and throat and that's no picnic either. So the constant drool slowly making me crazy and limits what I can do. I'm not in much pain and I'm thankful for that.

My friends take their spitcup duty with love and humor.

So I'm signing off for now and I love you more than words can say.

Love Carol

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