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Tributes to Carol

My first really vivid memory of Carol was when she was four years old. I was five and not particularly enjoying sitting through the ballet recital that she and my older sister were in. Carol was in her second year with the school and had no trouble performing the little routine that the under five group was tasked with. At the end of their dance, they all lined up, took a bow, and ran off stage. As she reached the wings, Carol suddenly stopped, ran back out to the center of the stage and blew the audience a kiss with both hands.

Carol has always been a crowd pleaser. She has her diva moments to be sure (she is, after all, a soprano) but mostly it's a genuine desire to entertain. I think that comes through pretty clearly in the stories below. More tributes can be found by following the links on the left.

Eric Buckley

Family Tributes

Ted Buckley (father)

A smile for a stranger,
A hug for a freind,
A song for everyone.

Kate Buckley (sister-in-law)

Kate and Carol on the day of the ultrasound
I have so many wonderful memories with Carol, which makes it difficult to select just a few to submit here. I guess my all time favorite Carol moment took place in her car, on a visit to Ithaca after Eric and I got engaged. We were having a meaningful discussion about her brother, during which she thanked me for making him so happy. We got a little misty-eyed and both leaned in for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. What actually happened was a lip lock, as both of us turned in the same direction to kiss each other. That really broke the ice, and we've always enjoyed making references to our "first kiss" in the years since.

Another occasion I will never forget was during the time that Carol and Paul visited us in St. Louis in March of 2003. I was pregnant with Olivia, and had an appointment for an ultrasound while they were in town. Carol, Paul, Eric and I all marveled at the ultrasound monitor as we watched Olivia swim around in my womb, doing flips and waving her arms. I am thrilled to have shared such a momentous and memorable day with Carol and Paul, whom I love so very much, and I look forward to telling Olivia this and all of the many beautiful memories I have of her Aunt Carol.

Helen and Ken Hollidge (aunt and uncle)

Three generations of Elliotts around the piano
We have so many happy memories of Carol at family events - Easter egg hunts, sleepovers in the camper at the Midhurst Forest Station and picnics in the park. Carol was a source of songs, games, and always great energy and joy.

This picture shows her singing a tribute to her grandparents, Hugh and Irene, on the occasion of their anniversary, accompanied by Jan [her mother] at the piano. Her grandfather had done a re-write on the words to Goodnight Irene and Carol gave it her enthusiastic attention with her beautiful voice leading us through the chorus.

"Time remembered is grief forgotten". Not our quote but a very suitable one.

Love always.

Shiela Hollidge (first cousin)

My connection with Carol is a family one. If it wasn't for both our parents bravely packing us into the back seats of their cars on long journeys across the border, my sisters and I would have never had the chance to get to know our American cousins. While there were lapses, once we all became adults our parents helped forge a bond that can not be changed and for this I will be forever grateful.

Buckley-Hollidge picnic c. early 70's - so white it's blinding
My memories of Carol as a child were often related to music, theater, laughter and food. My parents had a collection of old 45s that we would play over and over and Carol would pull together a musical act which would be presented later that evening. My sisters Susan and Sandra and I would watch Carol, follow her lead and enjoy the ride. It was simply knew that you were in good hands and that everyone would love the performance.

Through this website and in the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to meet many friends and fans of Carol and Paul. The devotion and dedication each of you has given has been amazing. Carol always understood the power of reaching out to others and acted on it. Thank you for following her lead.

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