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Carol's Team is supported through the generosity of our sponsors.

Individual Sponsors

The following individuals have shown their support for our efforts through donations of time and/or money. Please join us. No donation is too small to be appreciated.

Eric & Kate Buckley
Susan Spitz
Ted & Janet Buckley
Katey & Tommy Strollo
Anne Buckley & Al Becker
Rob & Deb Wagnon
Kevin Robertson
Rebecca Kramnick
Rebecca Wolff
Roy & Liz Brammer
Rick & Fran Armstrong
Kevin & Joanne Spitz
Students & staff of Admiral Collingwood Elementary (raised by Kirsten Lackie)
Murray & Sandra Lackie
Doug & Susan Abbott
Amy Hatch
Todd & Beth Frazier
Various members of the Cornell Community (raised by Jonathan Hampton)
Mary Jo Guy
Paul Heckathorn
Beth Skelton & Ed Shafer
Lea Koesterer & Terry Werner
Rusty Fry
Friends of Sylvia Fitchen (raised by Sylvia Fitchen)

Equipment Sponsors

The following companies support our efforts by supplying equipment and services to the team. Please support them if you find yourself in need of their services.

Big Shark Bicycle Company Full service bicycle shop.

Alpine Shop All sorts of stuff for adventure racers.

Montrail Trail running shoes.

Acumen Consulting Web and network services.

Thompson Coburn LLP Legal Services.

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