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Fall 2005

It's been a while since I put together a newsletter. As there is no longer a need for regular updates on Carol's condition, I'll switch to a quarterly schedule.


She may be gone, but she certainly is not forgotton. We continue to receive tributes. Check out the latest on her page.


We've had a couple very successful fund raising efforts in the last few months. The first was an MDA fund raiser held in early September called the Flatlander This event was an endurance run to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, one of the organizations we strongly support. We raised $1300 for MDA.

The second was a complete surprise, and a very welcome one at that. Sylvia Fitchen, a High School classmate of Carol's was so inspired by her struggle that she decided to enter a mountain run to raise money for Carol's Team and ALS. She raised $2,000 which was split evenly between the New Mexico ALSA and Carol's Team.

We have also picked up a new corporate sponsor. The St. Louis law firm of Thompson Coburn has agreed to assist us pro-bono in some of the legal matters relating to our organization. This has saved us about a thousand dollars in legal expenses that can now be used to develop Carol's Song.


Development continues to move at a slower pace than I would like. The combination of the move and a particularly tough summer in terms of my day job left little time to work on the project. It appears that such demands are easing and having a prototype in early 2006 is still a possibility.


The adventure racing season is over for 2005. We went into National Championships ranked sixth in the country and had good reason to hope for a repeat of last years top-5 finish. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be, but with 4 USARA wins and a host of local victories, it was certainly a good year overall.

We do still have a few of our favorite orienteering events coming up. SLOC's annual 3-hour event will be held the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the Possum Trot comes the following weekend. Stay tuned for more exciting race reports.

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