2011 Night and Relay Champs

First Last Init Club Eligible SI Night Start (PM) Middle Start (AM) Relay Sprint Corn
Max Ahmed   QOC NO   White M/F-White 7:04 None   None None Corn
Nadim Ahmed   QOC YES 866003 Red M45+ 0.2986111 Red M45+ 10:20 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Robert Anderson C.   NO   None   Brown M-Brown 10:14 None None None
Fran Armstrong   SLOC YES 348817 None   Brown F65+ 10:32 None Green/Brown Corn
Dan Barker   DVOA YES 504705 Blue M-21+ 7:18 Blue M-21+ 10:22 Solo Blue/Red Corn
Zac Barker   DVOA YES 504924 Green M-18 0.3013889 Red M-20 9:24 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Angie Barrett   PTOC YES   None   Green F40+ 9:06 12-Point None None
Jessica Barrett   PTOC YES   None   Orange F-Orange 9:20 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Joe Barrett   PTOC YES 886818 Red M-20 7:50 Red M-20 10:30 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Matt Barrett   PTOC YES 886817 Red M-20 7:56 Red M-20 9:10 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Erin Binder   MNOC YES 2013522 Green F50+ 7:02 Green F50+ 9:46 None Green/Brown None
Bob Boltz   NEOOC YES 216501 Green M55+ 7:46 Green M55+ 9:16 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Daniel Bond A VOC YES 336893 Orange Gr-Orange 0.2916667 Blue M-21+ 9:54 Solo Blue/Red Corn
Brian Bozek     NO   None   Orange M-Orange 9:12 None None None
Chris Carnahan     NO   None   Yellow F-Yellow 9:24 None None Corn
Paul Clatterbuck   PTOC YES 339667 None   Green M60+ 9:44 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Mikkel Conradi   CSU YES 509814 None   Blue M-21+ 9:58 4-Point None Corn
Sharon Crawford   RMOC YES 992444 Red F-21+ 7:08 Red F-21+ 9:46 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Alison Crocker   CSU YES 888575 Red F-21+ 7:58 Blue M-21+ 9:14 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
John Crowther   RMOC YES 255415 Red M40+ 7:52 Blue M-21+ 10:10 12-Point Blue/Red Corn
Natalia Deconescu   CAOC YES 1201055 Brown F55+ 0.3347222 Brown F55+ 9:38 8-Point None Corn
Matthew DeVoll   SLOC YES   None   Orange M-Orange 9:04 None None None
Peggy Dickison   OK YES 344040 None   Red F-21+ 9:00 8-Point None Corn
Dan Dwyer   LAOC NO 352893 None   Orange Gr-Orange 9:32 None None Corn
Michael Eglinski   OK YES 7094 Red M45+ 7:32 Red M45+ 9:16 8-Point Blue/Red None
Mark Everett   OK YES 504074 Blue M-21+ 7:04 Blue M-21+ 9:32 8-Point None None
Sandy Fillebrown   DVOA YES 887700 Green F50+ 7:10 Green F50+ 9:26 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
David Frei   SLOC NO 255440 Red M45+ 7:02 Red M45+ 9:44 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Sverre Froyen   RMOC YES 2009214 Green M60+ 7:32 Green M60+ 9:10 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Peter Gagarin   CSU YES 1392034 Brown M65+ 7:38 Blue M-21+ 10:16 4-Point Green/Brown Corn
Rich Gaylord   CAOC YES 432253 Brown F65+ 0.3013889 Brown M65+ 9:30 Open Green/Brown Corn
Nikolay Gochkov   SLOC NO   None   Red M35+ 9:42 None None None
Madelaine Gogol   OK YES 2033339 None   Yellow F-Yellow 9:00 None Blue/Red None
Peter Gogol   OK YES 1396796 Brown M-Brown 7:54 Blue M-21+ 10:24 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Jim Hall   COK YES   Green M60+ 0.3166667 Red M45+ 0.3763889 None Green/Brown None
Cynthia Jacobs     NO   None   None   None Beginner None
Mary Jones   OK YES 7095 Green F45+ 7:28 Green F45+ 9:12 8-Point Green/Brown None
Alexandra Jospe   CSU YES 432258 Red F-21+ 0.325 Red F-21+ 10:26 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Melissa Kelley   SLOC NO   None   Red F-21+ 10:18 4-Point None None
Scott Kelley   SLOC NO   None   Blue M-21+ 9:50 4-Point None None
Tanya Kitchen     NO   None   Orange F-Orange 0.3944444 None None Corn
Emily Korsch   SLOC YES   None   None   8-Point None None
Antonina Kuzmis   CAOC YES 334274 None   Red F-21+ 9:04 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Ben Langton   SLOC YES 1600334 Yellow M-14 0.2986111 Yellow M-14 0.3805556 8-Point Beginner Corn
Bill Langton   SLOC YES 1600333 None   None   8-Point Blue/Red None
Laura Langton   SLOC YES 1600343 None   Orange F-Orange 9:34 12-Point None None
Carl Larsson   CAOC YES 420549 Green M50+ 0.3125 Green M50+ 9:30 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Robin Larsson   CAOC YES 420509 None   Yellow F-Yellow 9:16 None None None
Greg Lennon   QOC YES 348624 Green M50+ 0.3069444 Green M50+ 9:20 12-Point None Corn
Kathleen Lennon   QOC YES 348614 None   Green F50+ 0.3916667 12-Point None Corn
Max Lennon   QOC NO   None   None   None None Corn
Nicole Lennon   QOC NO   None   None   None None Corn
David Long   SLOC YES   Green M-Green 7:00 Blue M-21+ 10:02 None Blue/Red None
Vadim Masalkov   DVOA YES 1600054 Red M40+ 7:40 Red M40+ 9:56 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Clem McGrath   DVOA YES 981621 None   Blue M-21+ 10:00 4-Point None Corn
Pat Meehan   OCIN YES 203822 Green M55+ 7:24 Green M55+ 0.3944444 4-Point Green/Brown Corn
Daniel Meenehan   ok YES 33333 Green M50+ 7:18 None   None None None
Fritz Menninger   OK YES 404216 Green M50+ 7:38 Red M45+ 9:18 4-Point Green/Brown Corn
Valerie Meyer   QOC YES 887711 Green F50+ 7:20 Green F50+ 9:40 Solo Green/Brown Corn
Mike Minium   OCIN YES 224056 Green M50+ 7:08 Green M50+ 9:32 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Randy Mitchell   NEOOC YES 886550 Green M50+ 0.3097222 Green M50+ 9:38 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Richard Neuburger   PTOC YES 07003 None   Brown M65+ 0.4083333 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Bryan Niehaus   SLOC NO   Red M35+ 7:34 None   None None None
Viktor Nikolenko   CAOC NO 334264 Green M-Green 7:04 Red M35+ 10:28 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Mauricel Olaru   CAOC YES 866000 Blue M-21+ 8:04 Blue M-21+ 9:22 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Guy Olsen P HVO YES 2017975 Brown M-Brown 8:00 Green M50+ 9:04 Solo Green/Brown Corn
Mark Parsons F. TSN YES   Brown M65+ 7:28 Brown M65+ 10:34 Open Green/Brown Corn
Greg Porter     NO   Brown M-Brown 7:20 Green M-Green 9:22 None Blue/Red None
Bill Pullman   CSU YES 1602120 Green M55+ 7:06 Green M55+ 9:42 4-Point Green/Brown None
Wyatt Riley   DVOA YES 2107972 Blue M-21+ 7:36 Blue M-21+ 10:04 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Matthew Robbins   OCIN YES 338150 Red M45+ 7:16 Red M45+ 9:36 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Reta Roe E PTOC YES 417138 Brown F65+ 7:06 Brown F65+ 9:34 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Carol Ross   ONB NO 705744 Red F-21+ 7:46 Red F-21+ 9:06 Open Blue/Red Corn
Rudy Schwarz   sloc YES 417130 Green M55+ 0.3027778 Green M55+ 0.375 8-Point Green/Brown None
Anna Shafer-Skelton   SLOC YES #VALUE! None   None   12-Point None None
Charlie Shahbazian   Caoc YES 49567 Green M55+ 7:12 Green M55+ 9:14 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
Leonid Shatskin   CAOC NO 354226 Brown F60+ 7:22 Green M60+ 9:34 4-Point Green/Brown Corn
Brendan Shields J CSU YES 336962 Blue M-21+ 7:26 Blue M-21+ 9:12 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Mike Shifman   PTOC YES 255344 Brown M70+ 8:06 Brown M70+ 9:52 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Walter Siegenthaler   COK YES 46602 Green M60+ 7:40 Red M45+ 10:06 12-Point Green/Brown Corn
Ian Smith   CSU YES 504703 Red M-Red 7:42 Blue M-21+ 9:20 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Christopher Svoboda   CAOC YES 420521 Green M50+ 7:42 Green M50+ 9:48 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Caterina Svobodny   MVOC YES   White F-10 7:02 White F-10 10:12 White/Yellow Beginner Corn
Tom Svobodny   MVOC YES 320080 White M/F-White 7:06 Blue M-21+ 10:12 Solo Blue/Red Corn
Good Theodore B Quantico Orienteering Club YES 1392036 Red M45+ 0.3222222 Red M45+ 9:08 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
Max Thorne Glenn St. Louis Oreinteering Club NO 866019 None   Green M-Green 9:02 None None Corn
Greg Walker   CSU YES 509905 Blue M-21+ 7:24 Blue M-21+ 9:26 4-Point Blue/Red Corn
David Waller   OCIN YES 432074 Brown M-Brown 0.3 Red M45+ 0.4027778 8-Point Blue/Red Corn
David Welsh   SLOC NO 420546 None   None   4-Point None Corn
Julia Welsh   SLOC NO 000 - she has one, but unable to retrieve # right now None   Green F-Green 9:18 4-Point Green/Brown Corn
Peter Wentzel   MNOC NO 683137 Red M40+ 0.3125 Red M40+ 9:28 None None None
Jerry Young   SLOC YES   None   Green M50+ 9:36 8-Point None None
mark young   SLOC YES   Green M50+ 0.3152778 Green M55+ 9:08 8-Point Green/Brown Corn
Wangki Yuen   CAOC NO 2027108 None   Blue M-21+ 10:08 Open None Corn