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Carol's Fat Ass

August 8, 2015

Map of course is here.

It's August, so once again it's time for Carol's Fat Ass. As Eric was born in August of 1963, this year's course is 52K. We're running a loop course this year in Creve Coeur Lake Park. Get ready to start time is 7AM and we'll try to get on trail quickly as the day won't likely get any cooler. There's no official time limit (there's no official anything) but we will transition from running to eating sometime around 1PM. For those who haven't done one of these, here's the low down:


  • Entry fee.
  • T-Shirt.
  • Accurately measured course.
  • Chip timing (or any other kind of timing).
  • Free Gu at aid stations.
  • Results.
  • Schwag.


  • 52K of 100% singletrack. Actually, it's 5.4 miles of singletrack which we will run 6 times. No shame in stopping sooner; we're just out having fun here.
  • Hills, but not particularly large hills.
  • Typical Missouri summer bugs and vegetation. Bring repellent and soap if such things bother you.
  • Minimal course markings, but you're not likely to get very lost here.
  • BYOAS (Bring your own aid station). There is water at the start of each lap. Bring whatever else you think you might need. As mentioned above, the loop is just over 5 miles, so you won't have to carry much.
  • As always, post-run birthday cake!

Even More Info

All are welcome (we couldn't very well turn you away as anybody is free to use the trails), but having some idea of how many are coming is helpful. Drop us a note or post to our Facebook page.

Bringing some snacks and/or beverages to share at the post-run would be a nice thing to do. The parking lot is not particularly well shaded so unless such a snack or beverage is meant to be served at 500 degrees Celsius, you might want to put it in a cooler along with some ice.

Birthday presents are nice, too, but Eric doesn't need more stuff so don't go there. If you absolutely feel obligated to bring something resembling a gift, see the above note about bringing food/drink to share. If that still doesn't do it for you, contributions to the ALS Assocation are always welcome.

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