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Third Thursday Adventure Series

Last update: November 19 - November results.

For results, follow the links to individual events below.

Carol's Team will be hosting a series of events on the third Thursday of each month.

Registration: At the event, 6-6:30PM.
Fees: Free for the moment (donations to cover map printing appreciated). Once we get our USOF charter, we may charge a modest entry fee or we may just leave it as voluntary donations.
Courses: Sprints (10-15 minute winning time) over the summer which will count towards the North American Sprint Series. When we have enough daylight, we'll do two sprints. After the finals in September, we'll switch to longer adventure runs using lights.
Format: Sprints are individual entry. The first sprint will be typical staggered start. On doubleheader nights, there will be some sort of twist added to the second sprint. Adventure runs will be 5-10K in length and mass started. You can run with your teammates if you want to.
Venues: Subject to change, but here's the plan:

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