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Carol's Fat Ass

Third Thursday Adventure Series

3/15/07 Forest Park


1Mark Geldmeier18:27
2David Frei18:34
3Rudy Schwarz18:52
4David Welsh20:01
5Bill Langton23:08
6Doug Nishimura30:44

The leg from 3-4 proved crucial. Click on the map clip for the whole course.

The opening race in the Third Thursday Adventure Series will be a typical urban sprint at Forest Park on March 15. Come ready to run because there's not much to slow you down at this venue. That doesn't mean you won't have to read the map. Forest Park offers a great variety of running surfaces and is divided by many uncrossable features. Choosing the best route will be crucial.

Registration opens at 6PM at the Steinberg Ice Arena located in the SE corner of the park. First runner is off at 6:30. Course closes at 7:30. Directions: Going north on Kingshighway, turn right (yes, away from the park) at the first light north of 40. Now, just keep making right hand turns (going underneath Kingshighway on Clayton) until you get to the entrance to the rink. Hope to see you all there.

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