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Carol's Fat Ass

Third Thursday Adventure Series

7/19/07 Tilles Park


1Eric Buckley9:45
2Rick Armstrong12:24
3Rudy Schwarz12:32
4Mark Geldmeier12:58
5Dave Welsh13:43

A very soggy evening greeted the field for July's event. Most of the really heavy rain fell prior to the event and delayed people getting there. For a while it looked like we might have to cancel due to lack of attendance. However, a few hardy souls did show up and we ran the first course. The second course was cancelled because we got started late.

The mapper and course setter was Junior National Team member Anna Shafer-Skelton. The detailed legs at the end of the course were made particuarly tough by the fact that it was hard to read the map with all the rain.

Next month we're going to change things up a bit and move from parks to the woods. The venue will be West Tyson County Park. As usual, expect a typical interval start sprint followed by a mass start event. As of this moment, Eric Buckley is setting both courses, but another course setter for the first sprint would be most welcome.

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