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Carol's Fat Ass

Third Thursday Adventure Series

9/20/07 West Tyson Park


1David Frei12:16
2Mark Geldmeier16:17
3Jeff Sona17:58
4Jerry Young19:11
5David Bruns24:53
6Melissa Kelley26:52
7David KleinDNF
7Doug NishimuraDNF
7Carrie SonaDNF
7Dave WelshDNS*
*Dave Welsh got stuck behind the wreck on I-44 and arrived too late to race so he put on his headlamp and picked up a bunch of the markers - thanks Dave!

The final sprint of the year was held in the steep woods of West Tyson. After a summer of close competition at the city venues, David Frei asserted his dominance with a convincing win on his preferred terrain. Daylight was an issue with the sun setting just as competitors were getting underway. After 20 minutes it was becoming difficult to read the map. Several decided to pack it in rather than continue in the darkening woods.

Next month we switch to adventure runs. These are a cross between trail running and orienteering. Everybody starts at once and the course is designed so that the preferred route is trail (through you can cut corners through the woods if you want to). It will definitely be dark, so bring a light. October's run will be a 5K at Forest 44.

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