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Carol's Fat Ass

Third Thursday Adventure Series

10/18/07 Forest 44


1David Frei44:03
2Jeff Sona44:07
3David Welsh60:54
4Doug Nishimura81:14
4Carrie Sona81:14
6Matt DeVollDNF

Lots of fun out in the woods at night! David arrived a few minutes late and tore off after the pack. He caught Jeff at the first control but despite taking divergent routes, the two stayed even the rest of the way. David took the sprint in from the last control.

The combination of trail speed and night visibility had everybody turned around at one point or another. The first leg was the source of the greatest difficulties which is hardly surprising as the myriad of small trails are not easy to keep track of at night. Fortunately, everybody was able to find their way back.

Next month we'll have our longest event of the year: an 8K adventure run at Rockwoods Range. So we're not out all night, there will be optional controls that you can skip if it looks like you're not going to make the 2-hour time cutoff.

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