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US Relay and Night Champs Registration and Fees

Registration is CLOSED for this event.

Sanctioned events are $28 each with a $2 discount for members of an IOF federation. An additional $5 discount for those under 18. The unsactioned events are $10 each, but you get the Corn Maze for free if you sign up for everything. Late fees kick in on October 1.

Registration is open and will be online ONLY. Do NOT send in the standard USOF entry form. (Luddites who do this will be entered, but they will be hit up for a $10 manual processing fee and may have to endure some sarcasm from the registrar when they check in). Registration closes on October 21.

Your class for the Relay is non-binding. Please take your best guess to help us with planning. Relay rosters will be available at check-in Friday and Saturday. All rosters must be submitted by 4PM Saturday.

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