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Racer Profile: Yvonne Deyo

Yvonne Deyo comes from a cross country and trail running background. Her outdoor experience also includes extensive hiking and light packing, including an ascent of Mount Rainier.

Yvonne is one of the original members of the �Orienteers.� As such she has been an integral part of many of their biggest successes. Yvonne�s strength in the long events is well established, but this year she intends to focus on shorter distances (if 6-hour events can be considered short).

Yvonne always stated that she wanted to live on a large parcel of land. That dream came true when she married John Vogel in the summer of 2004. As manager of Busch Wildlife Area, he has a 20,000-acre back yard.

Notable Finishes

Adventure Races

4th - US Long Course Championships, 2004
1st - Raid the Rock, 2004
1st - Goomna, 2004
1st - Berryman Adventure, 2003
1st - Devil�s Challenge, 2002
5th - Chicago Onion, 2002


9th - World 24-hour Championships, 2004
1st - Ohio 24-hour, 2002
1st - North American 8-hour, 2001
1st - North American 6-hour, 2000

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