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Racer Profile: David Frei

Having orienteered since his early teens, David Frei is one of the most experienced and proficient navigators in the country. He particularly excels at night navigation. Teams led by him posted fastest time for every night nav section they saw in 2004, including a performance that vaulted Gateway Adventure from 9th to 3rd at nationals (they went on to finish 4th).

David�s adventure racing career started in 1999 with the formation of the original �Orienteers� team (David, Yvonne Deyo, and Ken DeBeer). They won their first race and never looked back, becoming one of the strongest teams in the country at long course distance.

David has the most unique day job on the team. His family business (now in its fourth generation) makes stained glass windows for some of the world�s most famous churches including the St. Louis Cathedral and the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.

Notable Finishes

Adventure Races

4th - US Long Course Championships, 2004
1st - Berryman Adventure, 2004, 2003
1st - Raid the Rock, 2004
1st - Mission on the Muscatatuck, 2004
1st - Goomna, 2004
1st - Devil�s Challenge, 2003
1st - Conquer Castlewood, 2003
2nd - Indianapolis Onion, 2002


5th - World 24-hour Championships, 2004
3rd - US 24-hour Championships, 2003
2nd - North American 24-hour Championships, 2000, 2001
1st - Flying Pig A-meet, 1999, 2002, 2003
1st - Navigator Cup A-meet, 2002, 2003
1st - SLOC 3-hour, 2001, 2003, 2004
1st - PTOC 8-hour, 2004
1st - Chicago Snowgaine 6-hour, 2005
1st - Indiana 8-hour, 2004
1st - Billy Pig, 2003
2nd - Possum Trot, 2003

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