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Racer Profile: Jeff & Carrie Sona

Jeff and Carrie Sona are two distinct people, but they race together so often it seems absurd to talk about one without the other. Both are relatively new to endurance sports, but have quickly risen to the top of the ranks.

Jeff and Carrie formed the nucleus of the original Gateway Adventure team. What started as a recreational venture turned increasingly competitive. In 2004, they stepped beyond the limits of long course racing and entered the Beast of the East. With only 4 hours of sleep during their 96-hour odyssey, they posted an impressive 9th in their first expedition length event.

Jeff & Carrie Jeff and Carrie are often accompanied on paddle workouts by their two daughters who enjoy ambushing other boats with super soakers.

Notable Finishes

Adventure Races

9th - Beast of the East, 2004
1st - Berryman Adventure, 2004
1st - Mission on the Muscatatuck, 2004
1st - Conquer Castlewood, 2002-2004
4th - Berryman Adventure, 2003
4th - Raid the Rock, 2003
2nd - Goomna, 2003
3rd - Goomna, 2004

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